Giving authentic meaning to the holidays by choosing solidarity: SCAI Group supports social entrepreneurship, cooperation and daily solidarity

The key word is “future”: the SCAI Group places a vision of social responsibility to contribute to the promotion of certain fundamental rights among its values

For 2021, and through the choice of subsidiaries such as SCAI Finance, SCAI Fast and ETT, the SCAI Group has chosen to support different realities, committed to building a better world through relationships and co-managed, co-designed field projects. A world where work is the key to growing autonomy, independence and well-being for the entire community.

Image source: H40 Help For Optimism

Sustainability is a very broad topic that has to be studied and pursued in relation to the business and in line with the needs of the system that we live in. We do not yet have a specific strategy on sustainability, certified by standards or with structured paths, but for years we have had projects that are evolving more and more in this direction, both internally and towards our customers, through technologies and digital solutions that aim to improve processes, accessibility to cultural places, working methods. Equity, inclusion, social impact: values within the SCAI Group’s objectives, already pursued through support for projects of various kinds: from Powercoders, a Generation ItalyfromSoft computing to the announcement of Ingenio al Femminile. And even a gift can become a concrete moment of solidarity, with a contribution to realities of high social value.”

Massimiliano Cipolletta, CEO Gruppo SCAI

Gian Piero Pepino, Corporate Managing Director Gruppo SCAI

Claudia Pizzato, Corporate HR Director Gruppo SCAI

The key word is “future”: the SCAI Group, a network of companies with headquarters in Turin, offices throughout Italy and research and development projects with an international scope, places a vision of social responsibility among its values, along with specialisation and creativity, to contribute to the promotion of certain fundamental rights.

SCAI Finance supports H4O Help for Optimisma non-profit organisation that supports the creation of a comprehensive infrastructure of rights, opportunities and security. 

A way to enhance the activities of a non-profit organisation that was born with a holistic approach to development and a focus on academic partnerships with the engineering faculties of Turin Polytechnic and the University of Leeds. H4O works in Madagascar with participatory WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) programmes, conducted together with local communities and in four areas of intervention: health and well-being, women’s empowerment, vocational training and financial sustainability. “With its important donation, SCAI Finance has actively contributed to the consolidation of the social enterprise Tsara Tsiky, entirely run by Malagasy female workers, which produces toothpaste and disinfectant soaps”, comments Edoardo Bono, founder of H40. “The technical expertise that H4O brings to the table needs the solidarity of entrepreneurs such as SCAI Group to give concrete form to the idea of equity and sustainable development that is the mission of our association.

SCAI Fast has chosen for its donation FREEDHOME – Creativi dentrothe first permanent concept store for prison economy, which brings together excellent food and wine and products made by inmates of Italian prisons. A project based on the rehabilitative power of work. Not only a shop, but also a place of creation and cooperation to develop ideas, items and services from prison work projects

A project inaugurated in 2016 thanks to the joint effort of Extraliberi, the Penitentiary Administration, Turin City Council and numerous organisations and cooperatives operating in the country’s institutions, with the support of Monica Gallo, Turin’s guarantor for prisoners’ rights.

An ethical gesture, in that it supports an inclusive project; a gesture with a high social value, that, by bringing professionalism and a desire to do things to prisons, contributes to enhancing the stories, the potential and the future of the people involved on a day-to-day basis; and last but not least, in this case, a mouth-watering gesture full of sweetness.

Once again this year ETT has chosen to support theLiguria Food BankAssociationwith a donation.

Founded in 1996, the association is a non-profit organisation that adheres to the National Network of Food Banks and recovers and redistributes surplus food in Liguria free of charge to about 400 charitable organisations, supporting a total of over 62,500 people in need.

Through reducing waste that is transformed into an opportunity to help people in need, the Food Bank is an example of circular economy and contributes to the common good through four benefits. 

Social: food that is still good is saved and does not become waste, finding a second life at the charitable organisations that receive it free of charge for the people they provide help to.

Economic: by donating surpluses, companies give them back an economic value and, while containing their own disposal costs, they offer a very important contribution of food for those in need.

Environmental: the recovery of foodstuffs prevents them from becoming waste, thus saving energy resources, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and recycling packaging. 

Educational: The Food Bank goes beyond the welfare aspect and places the person at the centre of its actions.

For useful information on the aims, donations, volunteering and ways to support the Food Bank, you can consult the Association’s official website

Diversity, inclusion, entrepreneurship with social impact: values within the SCAI Group’s objectives, pursued by supporting projects of various kinds, from Powercoders, which offers internships and employment to young people with a refugee background together with UNHCR, to Generation Italywhich supports the employment of young people through training in coding, to the support of the Soft computing school for the elderly and vulnerable. More recently we have sponsored the announcement ofFeminine Ingenuity by meeting women engineers committed to applying STEM studies in the field of sustainability.

At SCAI Finance we work every day to build simple, scalable and sustainable systems, using Agile methodologies. By looking beyond our screens, we want to help develop a constructive vision for communities where even the simple act of washing hands is not taken for granted, especially in times of health emergencies.

Silvio Cerrone, CEO SCAI Finance

We are delighted to support a reality committed to projects of social reintegration through work, which translates into opportunities for people in prison. Our interest in social enterprise experiences matches the values we live and witness every day at SCAI Fast. Generating inclusion and opportunity are important purposes for the growth and success of companies and the whole community. 

Marco Artioli, CEO SCAI Fast

We firmly support a reality that helps people in difficulty with the commitment of many volunteers and companies and that allows people not only to fight waste, but to give value and new life to goods and surplus food, with a view to sustainability and circular economy. The contribution that the Food Bank makes to the common good, especially in this delicate historical moment, finds us aligned on the centrality of the person and on responsibility in the use of resources.responsabilità nell’utilizzo delle risorse.

Giovanni Verreschi, CEO ETT

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