The integrated solution when employing processes in a business organisation

PROCS permits an immediate and intuitive definition of processes and low code completion of multichannel applications.

Start small, think big, scale fast. Discover PROCS

PROCS is an integrated model-driven suite for digitisation, orchestration, automation and process monitoring.
PROCS makes it possible to rapidly design and deploy applications, easily coordinate company work schedules and reduce costs through automation, transparency and speed.

From idea to execution: PROCS is the product that makes the difference in a company’s digitalisation process

Companies are organised by departments/offices, each of which uses vertical software solutions to support the specific activities for which they are responsible. Within this context, it is becoming increasingly necessary to use solutions capable of supporting the implementation and governance of end-to-end business processes.


It integrates with existing applications, services and data without requiring additional intervention

Minimal time required to set up and deploy applicationsl minimo il tempo di configurazione e di messa in opera delle applicazioni

Allowing configuration and process management in the simplest possible way, with all technical details hidden

PROCS modules

Modeler lets users describe business processes simply and intuitively. The user “draws” the process, or acquires it from a BPMN diagram, for example, generated by a Process Mining tool (Modeler adheres to the BPMN 2.0 standard).

Each block represents a step that can be managed:

• through the user interaction form

• through integration components with automation modules (e.g. RPA);

• through application services that can be interfaced via API. Interaction between process components is defined through graphic components inserted in the diagram using drag-and-drop mode.

In this section, all the communications that can be consulted by users appear from time to time and in order of insertion. Designer is a low-code development environment for the design, implementation and testing of individual tasks that comprise the process.

Designer lets users:

• Implement the channel-independent user interface (web, hybrid or native mobile).

• Describe the control application logic.

• Define interfaces with applications, services and data.

Orchestrator is a process execution engine based on a powerful and scalable BPM engine, which manages interactions between users, systems, services and data. Orchestrator guides users in the execution of their activities through a customised dashboard, depending on their role in the organisation and/or in the specific process.

Executive, manager e supervisori necessExecutives, managers and supervisors need powerful dashboards to monitor the process and ensure that business objectives and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met.

Insight permits the creation of graphs and reports simply and intuitively. Charts can be shared with users and groups so that everyone has exactly the information they need when they need it.

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