The social platform designed to share P2P communications and skills

YOU ‘R US is an area that delivers news and official documentation, presents training opportunities and specialist coaching, and distributes surveys for evaluation and orientation

Information, news, events, webinars: communicate, update, share. Discover YOU ‘R US

The way to maintain direct contact with subscribers. They are asked to propose content and are motivated by credits managed by Blockchain systems or other electronic payment arrangements, using employer branding and gamification logic.

Optimise internal communications with YOU ‘R US, the scalable solution that adapts to the purpose

This business community responds to the needs of all companies, organisations or institutions when interacting with employees, associates and users by constantly updating them on events and experiences in simple and intuitive ways. It is a sharing space that can be configured according to the customer’s organisational requirements, developed to simplify e-learning paths, propose insights, share skills, feedback and suggestions, monitor productivity, improve customer satisfaction activities, and facilitate the exchange of know-how and workflows.


The five main functions dedicated to official communications, news, specialist coaching and survey administration can be implemented with additions and personalised to customer needs.


Docker containers make the product highly scalable, automatically managing the fast growth of users without loss of performance.


The Web Application is usable on all major browsers, adapting to all mobile devices, and a Mobile App gives optimum use on all Android and IoS devices.

Features of YOU ‘R US

All administrators and registered users can contribute short peer-to-peer communications to this area, to share an experience, a moment, a situation or a technical detail.

The dashboard, under the control of platform administrators, shows the most significant communications and the permanently available main subscriber content.

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All notices and communications that users may consult are in this section. They appear in turn, in the order of insertion, and have a given deadline. These may be official/institutional communications from the organisation, HR or other departments.

This section deals with training courses, video courses and webinars. The content is structured (in sections, modules, lessons, tests and teaching material) and can be created by both administrators and users.

Administrators can distribute surveys to either all or some users, with the aim of collecting information on general topics.

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