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For the client, a building society sector operator in the field of interest and exchange rate risks in the financial sector, innovation and improved collaboration and productivity were the objectives to be achieved with the help of external expertise. The SCAI Group was chosen to ensure this technological renewal and, in particular, to guarantee the coordinated and automated management of the software releases

Version or release management is a process consisting of individual steps (typically research and planning, design and programming, verification and testing, distribution and control of releases). To co-ordinate the entire process and to deliver the required applications and business updates efficiently, SCAI Group applied DevOps practices, a software development methodology that exploits sharing and  collaboration between teams of developers and operations staff to accelerate the development, testing and release times of solutions.

One of the main activities undertaken was the creation of automatic build procedures to evaluate the software versions released during the testing phase, as well as, again for testing purposes, the continuous release of applications in internal, controlled environments prior to the distribution phase. The tool chosen and used to manage the continuous release process was Azure DevOps, and in particular Azure Boards was the tool implemented to ensure collaboration between teams and a development process in line with Agile practice.

The customer was thus able to obtain concrete results and a clear overview of the development process. The customer also saw a 45 per cent reduction in the software release time and the number of working hours related to the software lifecycle was halved. The need for greater co-ordination and collaboration between teams was fully met: development and IT Operations teams use Azure’s crucial DevOps tool to share progress and processes as well as align their work and goals.

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