SCAI Finance

System integration for the Financial Digital transformation

We support customers as system and process integrators to tackle the evolutionary challenges in digitisation processes for the areas of banking, insurance and capital markets.

Cloud Adoption Program

We support customers in cloud adoption by working with leading international cloud provider partners. This is a certified service model that follows the regulations in the field of security and data protection.

Financial Risk Management

We support our customers by offering end-to-end regulatory compliance paths which start from the analysis of the technological solution and finish with its implementation and realisation.

Intelligent Automation, Low Code & Cloud First

We guide customers towards more efficient process construction and for the introduction of Cloud First solutions that can help them achieve operational excellence and maximise their return on investment.

Managed Services

We support customers with AMS services to support the increasing application complexity and continue creating more business value.

MLN turnover 2022

SCAI Finance is the SCAI Group company focused on providing innovative consulting, projects, services and solutions for the Financial Services market. With its digital innovation competence centre, it brings to its customers the ability to develop valuable organisational models for projects, people and the co-created solutions

Banking: Core Banking –  Financial Risk Management – Regulatory Compliance – Sales & Channel

Insurance: Claims and Life – Digital Communication – Risk e Capital Management


DevsecOps refers to the adoption of an organisational software engineering culture and practice that aims to unite software development (dev), application security (sec) and operations (ops).

Enhanced Data Management

Data is a valuable resource that enables us to learn about customer needs, optimise internal processes, innovate products and services, and make evidence-based decisions.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is the combination of automation technologies and artificial intelligence, aimed at helping companies make decisions and understand processes faster and on a larger scale.  it is applicable to any type of technology and process.

Factory Software Lab

Our factory software lab designs and implements software and web applications, using the latest technologies and architectures, combining the best and most innovative approaches to accelerate digital transformation.


Hyperautomation is a methodology that enables client companies to identify, monitor and automate a large set of business processes and flows quickly and efficiently.

Cloud Services and Cloud Transformation

For the customer, the Cloud represents a profound cultural paradigm shift in which business is no longer hardware-driven but software-driven and data can be managed with extreme efficiency and architectural simplicity.

Governance Risk & Compliance

The application of Governance, Risk & Compliance is implemented for credit risk, data security, market risk and operational risk, responding to the problem of alignment between the company and the it system in complex and changing contexts to ensure customer accuracy and operational effectiveness.

Sviluppo Applicativo

App Maintenance

Cloud Computing

Hyper Automation

Business Intelligence

Data Analytics

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