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Continuous Service Improvement at the service of banking

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Following a review of the processes in the IT Governance area, the client, the Core Banking Area of a major banking group, asked SCAI Group to effectively and efficiently optimise the Service Management and Operation processes, in order to monitor the performance of all ongoing service activities and launch a process of Continual Service Improvement. 

The customer, who already had its own Service Management system, asked to review the Service Design processes by improving the application workflows, with a view to managing the response time of each in-scope activity.

The project was organised following the ITIL V4 methodology, with the aim of supporting the customer in the transformation and creation of value, through the management of a consolidated IT service. ​The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of guidelines for IT Service Management and consists of a series of publications that provide guidance on the delivery of quality IT services and the processes and means required to support them by an organisation. These publications are therefore guidelines for public and private organisations with IT infrastructures, providing them with the necessary recommendations so that they can make the best use of the IT services while pursuing their mission.

After conducting an initial assessment of the main processes and mapping the main configuration items (critical mission), through initial interviews with application owners, a detailed plan was prepared to ensure Continual Service Improvement, a continuous monitoring process.

Starting from the 5 domains of ITIL, the SCAI Group focused on some of their main processes, specifically those related to Service Strategy (Data Management and Portfolio Management), Service Operation (Incident, Request and Problem Management and Operational Control) and Service Design (Supplier Management) as per the customer’s wishes.

The plan’s main activities included reviewing and evaluating the process (by conducting periodic benchmarking and audits), defining specific initiatives to improve services and processes and, where necessary, introducing corrective measures.

The results for the customer

• Improvement of the life cycle phases of the services;

• Timely resolution of reports;​

• Increased customer satisfaction; ​

• Increased productivity and alignment with corporate objectives; ​

• Improved performance;​

• Optimisation of reporting;

•Implementation of Remediation Plans.

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