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Responsiveness, expertise and innovation are the three pillars on which AMCO, one of the leading operators specialised in the management of non-performing loans, bases its business model.

Demonstrating efficiency in the continuous and timely monitoring of credit recoveries and the associated costs related to the portfolios managed by the company, using suitable technologies, has always proven to be a key requirement for AMCO. In particular, thanks to the SCAI Group’s commitment, the company was able to engineer a specific framework related to NPL – Non Performing Loan management reporting, i.e., it was able to modernise the software used to provide the precise management trend of the non-performing loans and ensure a marked improvement in the valuable monitoring of the costs and credit recoveries.

In particular, SCAI was responsible for overhauling the data process to enhance the visual analysis and Business Intelligence part, adapting it to the new visual analysis canons introduced through the BI tool Tableau, a visual analysis platform that optimises the processes of analysing and understanding business data.

In order to cope with the modernisation of the data analysis and modern BI architecture, SCAI experts assisted the customer through several phases. The new methodological approach based on the application of the AGILE model made it possible to formalise the current data flow and processing scheme,standardise input dataengineer the SAS software currently used in-house and develop navigable reports with Tableau.

In order to make the customer’s contact persons capable of maintaining the dashboards independently, the SCAI Group implemented a short introductory course on the development and maintenance of dashboards with Tableau. During the training, the main functionalities of the platform, the best practices and how to manage the Tableau projects and flows, as well as the information needed for their new developments and maintenance were explained. 

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