The Cloud Security Alliance accredits Gruppo SCAI as a Trusted Cloud Consultant

The CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) has confirmed the accreditation of SCAI Partners as a TCC (Trusted Cloud Consultant). It is an opportunity for the Group’s Cybersecurity Competence Center to demonstrate its commitment to best practices in security.

On 21 March 2023, courtesy of SCAI Partners, Gruppo SCAI announced the Trusted Cloud Consultant classification by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the leading international organisation dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to ensure a secure cloud computing environment.

Secure cloud architecture and implementation, as well as cloud security assessment and compliance, risk management and governance are just some of the activities the CSA community is engaged in with its corporate partners to create and maintain a reliable cloud ecosystem.

For the Group’s Cybersecurity Competence Center, being a Trusted Cloud Consultant (TCC) means reinforcing the ability to provide its customers with specialist end-to-end services and support: Cyber Security Consulting Services, Cyber Security Awareness, Digital Identity Governance & Administration, Managed Security Services, Attack Defence & Data Protection.

Gian Piero Pepino, Gruppo SCAI Managing Director, states that “Cloud security is a complex ecosystem relying on ever-evolving technologies, processes and expertise. Gruppo SCAI ensures full-time Cloud security in-house and to its customers to respond to digitisation challenges. Joining the CSA is both a further stimulus and a commitment for us, assuring our customers of the necessary quality and professionalism in an increasingly complex and challenging Cyber panorama.

CSA and Gruppo SCAI will join forces and skills, aiming to make the Cloud an even safer business enabler and accessible to all.

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