Scai Partners

Developing new business models

We transform innovative market and technology trends into concrete, customised solutions, creating value through the design and implementation of more efficient, more timely and more commercially effective business models.

Operating models par excellence

We redefine business operating models using advanced process mining and process automation techniques. We assist clients with change management through centralised coordination services and a management control room for the transformation programme.

Improving ICT services on an ongoing basis

We render IT service management effective by optimising the following key ICT processes: security, risk and control governance, time-to-service, monitoring faults, improving service quality on an ongoing basis, and external supplier management.

Innovative use of consultancy services

We generate value for our clients by offering remote management consulting services, adopting an innovative pay-per-use approach in areas of key corporate interest (e.g., corporate social responsibility, ongoing process optimisation, project management office, etc.)

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