SCAI Group and SCAI Partners at the 5th National Cybersecurity Conference

The challenges in the cybersecurity landscape, in terms of the human factor, technology and new threats: an in-depth look at Massimo Decorato’s speech

SCAI Group participated in the round table dedicated to defence technology and solution providers held as part of the 5th National Cybersecurity Conference: State of the Art, Defence Systems and Resilience (Rome, 4 April 2022). 

An opportunity to discuss the thinking of cybersecurity professors and scholars and to discuss the solutions and strategies of vendors and consultancy companies, with a common goal: to contribute to the creation of an effective protection network for national critical infrastructures, both public and private.

Massimo Decorato, Head of the Business Service Line Cyber Security Services for SCAI Partners, the Group’s Management Consulting company, illustrated the importance of Cyber Risk management from strategy to execution, the main challenges to be faced by managers, CSOs and CISOs, and more generally by all actors called upon to improve the timing and methods of defence and reaction to attacks within entities, companies and organisations.

Fundamental parts of this strategy are the involvement of top management from the earliest stages of building a security programme,” writes Decorato, “simulations, which help verify the readiness to respond to an attack; the quality of training in the field (companies still invest little in security awareness). A decisive contribution comes from the reduction of the skill shortage by working with universities, and the enhancement of transversal skills, not only technical, but also economic and legal. Using complementary figures and knowledge allows us to recognise the complexity of the cyber security issue.

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