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We are the ideal partner for embedded system design

SCAI Connect supports customers by providing expertise and experience for managing complex infrastructures: systems, networks and applications. The range of support on offer covers the entire embedded system implementation process, from prototype design to the testing and verification phase.

Hardware Design

ASIC/FBGA Development

Validation of Safety Critical systems

Software Development

ATE Testbench Development, Validation, Integration

Certification support: find out more

The ED-80/DO-254 certification of hardware elements (including boards, ASICs and FPGA devices) can be very costly unless tackled with the correct approach and knowledge. The SCAI Connect team has gained experience in supporting customers in certifying their systems at Design Assurance Levels (DAL) A, B and C, with more than 10 DAL A projects successfully completed. The support extends from the definition of the plans, through the customisation of the checklist, to the definition and execution of the tests. Traceability is ensured throughout the entire design flow, from requirements to test results. All required documentation is delivered together with test benches, test cases and code coverage results.



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