SCAI Connect

Ensuring connectivity to increase productivity

We have expertise and experience in managing complex infrastructures, systems, networks and applications.

Secure systems and sub-systems

We use our expertise to help industries validate “safety critical” products.

Embedded systems

We use our hardware, software and testing expertise to support customers in the design of electronic products.

Reliable and effective infrastructure

We work across all devices and application layers to ensure secure connectivity and data transmission.

SCAI Connect was established in 2005, marketing itself as a trusted partner for IP infrastructure management, and the integration, design and implementation of networks in all structures, with any level of complexity.

• Connectivity: Optimal management of corporate IP networks
• Telco: solutions and services for infrastructure, ICT, billing
• Corporate: solutions and services for corporate IP networks
• Embedded systems: a partner for development and validation
• Safety markets: space, defence, medical, rail
• Testing: simulation and production

Services – Network Solutions

Whatever the application, database, ICT or Telco services and solutions, the network infrastructure must be reliable, monitored and appropriately dimensioned.

Services – Embedded Systems

SCAI Connect’s multidisciplinary skills and experienced technicians enable it to support its customers effectively and satisfactorily as a partner for embedded systems development.


The experience gained in the management and control of IP networks with network administrators and security managers of companies, particularly in the TLC area, has driven us to create a number of application solutions to support operations.

About us
We are the ideal partner for embedded system design

SCAI Connect supports customers by providing expertise and experience for managing complex infrastructures: systems, networks and applications. The range of support on offer covers the entire embedded system implementation process, from prototype design to the testing and verification phase.



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