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Upgrading Privileged Access Management



Preventing malicious access to accounts and credentials starts with the careful management of privileged access. Through the use of Privileged Access Management systems, businesses can expertly handle privileged accounts and authentication credentials that grant access to vital resources at the network, system, or application level. 

Following the integration and adoption of a digital identity management and control system, the SCAI Group was tasked with designing and executing a PAM technology upgrade strategy for a leading financial enterprise.

The upgrade plan involved the platform’s main release, incorporating major new features and enabling customers to use novel functionalities alongside existing ones.

The new features improved the product’s performance and integration with existing solutions. Enhancements included simplified management, the ability to consolidate multiple services into a unified solution, and a broader range of available functionalities for the customer.

Nonetheless, the primary difficulty was effectively coordinating and organising the various activities across all regions involved, as the customer was a multinational corporation operating across several time zones.

The team managed to seamlessly integrate the new features into the PAM privileged access management platform, covering all countries, without causing any disruption to the service, thus ensuring uninterrupted access for users, despite the project’s scope.

By meticulously devising an elaborate upgrade plan that encompassed major release stages, the SCAI Group team was able to meet the customer’s demands throughout the upgrade process. The infrastructure’s exceptional reliability was a key benefit that enabled upgrades to be rolled out successfully, guaranteeing uninterrupted production and full operational capability for users.

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