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Bringing together Finance and HR solutions in one powerful, adaptable and integrated system is often a necessity for large banking companies. The client, a leading Italian banking group recognised in the industry for its excellence in payment system innovation, e-commerce and private banking, turned to Gruppo SCAI to adopt Workday, an ERP suite offering enterprise cloud solutions for financial, HR and payroll management.

This led to the need to undertake a migration process – both procedural and inherent to the data present – which affected, more specifically, the management of health insurance, deductions, courses offered to staff and other services.

SCAI Group actively collaborated to complete this transition in a timely manner, integrating key resources into the development team. The required skills were ensured by searching for suitable highly competent people both within the group and, if necessary, by drawing from the market.

First of all, the work was carried out jointly, carefully analysing the problems related to the synchronisation of the flows and the congruence of the data. It then proceeded by working on ETL (Kettle Penthao) for the collection, organisation and centralisation of data, and on the Oracle and Sql Server databases, thus achieving integration with the Workday logics.

The use of the Workday platform has enabled the end customer to appreciate the result, thanks to the efficient structuring of its management system, its ease of use and, more generally, its usefulness in organising the work. In fact, the platform offers a good interface, allowing even a novice user to become immediately familiar with the many features provided, offering a smooth navigation experience.

The customer can now have a tailor-made system that provides its employees with a customised employee experience and a greater ability to aggregate and manage data, so also proving a very useful management tool as well.

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