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Digital Transformation with DDM for SAP Applications



DDM for SAP applications

The digitisation of business processes has become essential for companies wishing to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. 

The customer, an Italian company and international leader in the production and distribution of raw materials for industry, with 29 locations worldwide, 2000 employees and a turnover in excess of 600 million euro, decided to implement the document solution integrated in SAP – DDM for SAP Applications – to efficiently govern and conduct its business processes. It thus relied on SCAI Fast, a SCAI Group company and SAP partner, specifically for the need to manage account payable and receivable flows with regard to the automation of workflows with a view to digitisation.

After implementing SAP, the company recognised the need to structure its business documents and integrate them directly into the SAP system in order to optimise the relative approval processes. To achieve these goals, it chose to adopt the DDM for SAP Applications platform:

• Structuring its documents, considering them as corporate assets.

• Implementing an efficient digital approval process.

• Integrating the documents into SAP and linking them to the management processes.

• Dematerialising its documents optically and reducing paper use.

• Standardising archiving and sharing documentation between offices and business functions.

• Specifically, the process supported by the DDM for SAP Applications platform concerned the automation of the inbound goods delivery digitisation workflow.

The adoption of DDM for SAP Applications has brought significant benefits to the company, particularly in the process of managing offers, plans and orders. Prior to the implementation of DDM for SAP Applications, orders were sent in paper format to sales managers and management for approval, with the process taking 1 to 4 days to complete. After implementation, the time to market became prompt and the company experienced significant benefits. Not only was it able to save time on document archiving and limit paper usage, also reducing its environmental impact, but it also reduced the time taken to send order confirmations (thanks to pre-set accompanying emails), implement digital approval of orders by sales managers via PC or smartphone, and, more generally, standardise working methods.

The administrative area also gained important benefits:

• Traceability of the date of sending invoices.

• Management of any attachments and traceability together with the invoice document.

• Immediate availability of the original document.

• Saving hours for printing.

• Digital support during audits instead of paper documents.

• Automation of the invoice payable accounting process.

• Expanding the functionalities

After experiencing the benefits of DDM for SAP Applications, the company planned to activate further functionalities of the suite to maximise the results, including the digitisation of foreign invoices from PDF format using OCR systems, and the management of contracts and payment slips.

From the point of view of implementing the document processes, DDM supported the management of the inbound delivery printouts such as the cover of the logistics package, the management of the received goods printouts, the digitisation of supplier Bills of Lading (transport documents) and inbound delivery, and the management of the work queue related to the registration of the goods received. 

With the support of a trusted partner such as SCAI Fast, the adoption of DDM for SAP Applications brought significant benefits to the customer and proved to be a strategic choice for the company, contributing to a successful digital transformation and paving the way for further improvements in operational efficiency.


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