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When faced with the need to deploy a continuous defensive cybersecurity service, traditional SOCs suffer from numerous limitations. To give just a few examples, they often have many insignificant automatic alarms, slow adaptation to change, and security driven by technology rather than by actual threats. And to round things off, the process is sometimes framed in rigid service plans.

To meet the needs of our client, a leading Italian Alternative Investment and Asset Management operator, services offered by a partner such as SCAI Puntoit can raise security management levels at a sustainable cost.

By choosing the defence service offered by the SCAI Puntoit Smart Security Operations Centre, the CISO can rely on a group of analysts able to oversee continuous security monitoring and get dynamic and proactive support for day-to-day changes and adaptations to the challenging cyber landscape.

This truly “smart” service can anticipate issues using dynamic threshold adaptation processes that depend on the context. They work together with the defensive function and operational management of IT platforms and services, rapidly transforming threat intelligence signals into instant security checks. Detailed periodic reporting completes the picture, providing a precious tool to those responsible for security governance.

Since service activation just over a year ago, the client has had a drastic reduction in false alarms and a consequent increase in concentration on safety and business events. Analyses provided by the SOC drive significant SIEM evolution, and previously unsupervised areas get targeted checks. The reduction of blind spots strengthens the safety posture.

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Scai Puntoit Cybersecurity
SCAI Puntoit provides access to effective IT security solutions, including protection from advanced persistent threats, identity & access governance, data loss prevention and data classification, and GDPR.
Scai Puntoit Cybersecurity
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