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Ordering Food at Digital Transport Stops

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McDonald’s new McDelivery service has been installed at three digital bus/tram stops on the IGPDecaux route in Milan thanks to an urban interaction campaign that allows people to order food from their nearest McDonald’s and get it delivered to their stop.

Members of the public can order food using one of the touch screens in Piazza Lega Lombarda, Largo Cairoli or Via del Burchiello, which is then delivered by Glovo’s speedy bike delivery service.

A control panel on a tablet in the nearest McDonald’s restaurant allows orders to be handled quickly and intuitively thanks to a user-friendly interface.

Urban deliveries – Get McDonalds delivered to your tram stop

Forward-thinking marketing

The 4-day campaign was very popular and allowed members of the public to enjoy their favourite foods while waiting for the tram or bus. More than 1,000 orders were received.

The project was conceived and curated by Leo Burnett together with IGPDecaux Creative Solutions thanks to our expertise and contributions in the fields of creative technology, UX design, interaction management, and system integration.

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