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Ne.Mo – Monitoring the Worldwide Network of Telecom Italia Sparkle



The worldwide management of customers and the entire network is often the main challenge for telecommunications companies.

The need for new services and tools to meet connectivity requirements, in a world increasingly oriented toward data and information sharing, has therefore become a primary challenge for operators in this sector.

The challenge of managing international telephone traffic and Internet data has convinced Telecom Italia Sparkle to use SCAI Connect’s specialised skills to employ a new and effective monitoring solution for its backbone network.

Open source tools with unintegrated homemade scripts and serious maintenance issues cannot give the best user experience. An effective ad hoc solution was required.

Ne.Mo, by SCAI Connect, was therefore introduced, managed and maintained in a highly customised way to meet the client’s needs. The entire network can be monitored via hundreds of thousands of regularly scheduled measurements, with appropriate alarms being activated when certain anomalous situations occur.

The client’s customisation requirements, as well as the analysis, development and deployment, were rapidly carried out. The completion of Ne.Mo was successful thanks to a short development chain.

In addition to this turnkey solution, SCAI Connect has created a specific add-on to manage customers to which Sparkle provides connectivity. It was, therefore, possible to automatically collect data directly from network devices, and aggregate various customers and/or peering partners of a specific nature (aggregations by POP, geographical region and type of connectivity).

Integrating Ne.Mo. with other client systems also supplies information on the residual bandwidth of certain routes. This is useful when making traffic re-routing decisions onto other lightly loaded routes.

A single tool not only monitors the network but also manages alarms, configurations, IP addressing plans, etc. in a perfectly integrated and monitored way.

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