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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing in 1969, VIS (Virtual Immersion in Science) – a spin-off of the Scuola Normale di Pisa and part of the ETT and SCAI groups – has created the Moon Landing VR 360 application for M9, the Museo del 900 in Mestre.

Moon Landing is a simulator that uses Virtual Reality to recreate the historic Apollo 11 moon landing and present users with the same difficulties faced by Neil Armstrong. Players must use the correct amount of fuel to land safely in an immersive and interactive environment that brings scientifically realistic graphics to life through a VR headset. This product is currently available for PICO G2 in 4K and can be easily adapted for different installations.

Users put on a headset and find themselves in a spacecraft cockpit in front of dozens of buttons, which have been meticulously reconstructed using the original Grumman plans from the 1960s. The product is visually striking, thanks to the hyper-realistic reconstruction of the lunar spacecraft’s interior and exterior environments. Close attention has also been paid to the trajectory of Apollo 11 and the Mare Tranquillitatis.

Moon landing VR 360 was recently presented at Focus Live 2022 after being showcased at Expo 2020 in Dubai, the MEET Digital Culture Centre, the Verona Science Festival, and several other major events.

Use the correct amount of fuel and adjust your horizontal and vertical speed using the retrorockets, and your inclination, which needs to remain at 0 degrees. You must direct your craft while remaining in the blue circle in which Apollo 11 originally landed. You will be sat next to Buzz Aldrin. This VR experience is based on realistic physical parameters and is not easy. Not everyone succeeds on their first attempt! Of course, it’s important to remember one particular hair-raising detail: Armstrong and Aldrin did not have a second shot at the landing. It would have been ‘game over’ for them.

Marcos Valdes, Ceo and scientific director of Vis.

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