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MEI – National Museum of Italian Emigration

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Sixteen rooms, 70 multimedia units, 65 monitors, 25 laser projectors, over 200 emigration stories and 1,300 archive pictures. These numbers refer to the New MEI – National Museum of Italian Emigration at the Commenda di San Giovanni di Prè, a twelfth-century Romanesque complex near Genoa Principe railway station.

The MEI is not intended to be didactic or abstract but to give an idea –using a few scenographic elements in a neutral environment– of the identity of a city structurally linked to migration. Genoa was the port that took emigrants to the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia. Genoa, in turn, received mid-nineteenth and early twentieth-century migrants from Piedmont, Veneto, Sicily, Naples etc. Each dialectal cadence has been well reconstructed within the exhibition by actors from various areas of Italy. In short, migration is a Genoese phenomenon, although it is also a national and international matter as well.

“The SCAI Group is very satisfied to have contributed to a project like the MEI, an exhibition that keeps a finger on the pulse of the migration phenomenon, which is ongoing from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day,” declared Giovanni Verreschi, ETT CEO, during the opening ceremony of the new Museum of Emigration. “Ever since migratory flows to the five continents began, Genoa has been the terminal for people from all Italian regions. Thanks to immersive techniques, we are able not to forget the faces and expressions that have been caught and depicted. Visitors in 2022 can again see those who went before us in this story, as well as those who, even today, with very different motivations from the past, choose to emigrate. It is thanks to the thrust of engaging technology that we have been able to give a name to a phenomenon that is often treated as an undiversified and anonymous stream of people.”

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