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Functional verification, a guarantee of safety



For a leading company in the military aviation sector, Gruppo SCAI carried out the functional verification of a programmable device (Intel MAX 10 FPGA) according to the DO254 Standard, part of the client’s aviation subsystem.

This set of tests aimed at ascertaining and declaring that the equipment in question had the safety characteristics indicated by the manufacturer and that the associated risk level was acceptable.

To test this aviation-sector safety-critical product, the client required a supplier with specific expertise. The non-detection of defects may cause danger to human life or the environment and special tests were carried out as required by the standard.

The device in question is a field-programmable gate array (FPGA), part of a redundant flight control system capable of handling various critical aircraft parts based on commands received from the central control units. It is an integrated circuit that must be tested with great precision and attention to ensure there is nothing that could undermine the safety of the aircraft and its components.

The first part of the job focused on the analysis of the client’s code and documentation. This included the Conceptual Design phase, development of FPGA architecture documents, Design Assurance strategy and Functional Failure Path analysis.

The second part of the job was the verification and validation phase. To this end, the simulation test bench, test cases satisfying requirements and the various test procedures were developed.

Efforts subsequently focused on running the simulations, collecting the code coverage data and adding tests to achieve 100% coverage.

Finally, using a test bed made available to the client, FPGA checks were carried out on the final board so that, after tracing the requirements, it was possible to proceed with the implementation and final tests, with relative results, as required by the standard DO254.

In this way, the client was able to guarantee full compliance with the standard before putting the product to use in its specific field of application.

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