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The SMART HUB & Touch ID initiative is designed to create innovative technological solutions in response to the needs of the approximately three million people in Italy who live with chronic disabilities. Thanks to a co-financed project by the Lombardy Region, with European regional development funds, it was possible to introduce and validate new digital rehabilitation systems, using wearable devices, tablets, smartphones and other smart technologies able to initiate innovative opportunities for new rehabilitative care.

The project uses a challenge-based collaboration model to involve not just patients but also professionals in the sector. It also guides technological innovation, listening to and continuously analysing evolving health and wellness needs. By involving patients, sector operators and assistance services, the Hub simplifies the identification of challenges when co-designing technological prototypes and care models, before testing their robustness at home, in the clinic and in the area.

The skills of health, technology and academic experts guide the innovation of each challenge so that the best insights/ideas can emerge as promising digital solutions. The process is elaborate and requires several verification steps on governance issues, regulatory criteria, technological feasibility, solution effectiveness, and economic sustainability. These are essential aspects for companies that will have to face market challenges.

SMART HUB-Touch-ID is based on the PROCS platform, which guarantees end-to-end process management. That includes the definition of challenge objectives and the compilation of proposals, successive intermediate verification and adaptation phases up to project validation and possible implementation.

Thanks to this process-based and multi-experience approach, PROCS provides effective and controlled service delivery, with simple and intuitive website or mobile APP interaction between all involved players.



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