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EngageOne for open banking: a SCAI Finance and SCAI Lab success story

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Thanks to technological innovation, document management within companies has changed profoundly in recent years. Today, companies can digitise and manage large quantities of documents completely electronically. The advent of open banking has in fact allowed users to access their banking and financial data via authorised third parties. A change that has paved the way for a series of innovations and opportunities for banks, fintech companies and payment technologies

The client, a leader in the open banking sector, aimed to achieve a profound innovation for all the group’s financial institutions, which were determined to improve and establish themselves as entities with a unique identity. To do this, the solution was to abandon the monolithic and pervasive systems in use and to create competitive financial services in a short timeframe to work on open banking projects and with new solutions to facilitate access to users’ banking and financial data

In order to achieve its objectives, the client chose to rely on SCAI Group, which was able to offer dynamic and proactive support and accompany it in its evolutions and in the constant challenges that characterise the day-to-day life of the banking sector. For this project, two Group companies, SCAI Finance and SCAI Lab, worked together to create a heterogeneous but highly specialised team that worked dynamically and proactively towards a common goal.

The adoption of the EngageOne Designer software, dedicated to designing customised customer communications, which can be integrated with banking and fintech systems, was dictated by its ability to generate customised templates for managing users’ banking and financial data. These templates automate many processes, including the application and approval of loans, the opening of bank accounts, and the accessing of financial data, and thus facilitate the form-filling, document stipulation and data management activities in the banking sector. Through its use, it has been possible to increase internal efficiency, reduce costs and optimally manage the flow of documents, with a tangible advantage in speeding up tasks and reducing total execution time, as well as downtime and operating times.

By increasing productivity and reducing waste, it was possible to improve the collaborations forged with the use of the software and to increase the various banking functions, making them dynamic.

The project is a first big step towards a dynamic and innovative environment where bank documentation changes over time.


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