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DLP: a single platform for data control




Data play a crucial role in the life of modern companies: the more efficiently they are managed, the greater the competitive advantage can be, all the more so if the data in question are highly confidential and particularly sensitive to protect national interests.

It was in this context that the customer requested SCAI Puntoit’s valuable preventive intervention to equip itself with a traffic monitoring system capable of preventing the exchange of information with unwanted parties.

The company, whose business is the planning, testing and management of innovative high-tech systems, works with several world governments and private industries that rely on its design expertise.

This was a ‘proof of value‘ project that saw the installation of the entire Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platform infrastructure – complete with all its components (mail probe, network probe, storage probe, endpoint probe) – and the activation of a set of basic policies for monitoring data exchange with the consequent traceability of all data movements.

By enforcing the blocking policies adopted, it was possible to respond to customer requests, preventing communications and the movement of confidential information from servers to user stations with a specific focus on external consultants.

Following the success of the demo project, tested in one EU country, the project was extended nationwide, thus reaching all users.

The client’s infrastructure, characterised by countless layers of security and therefore highly complex and critical, made this project particularly challenging, together with the pursuit and management of policies that could be applied in the legislations of the different European countries.

Thanks to their experience with this technology and their specific knowledge of the Enterprise sector, the SCAI Puntoit team was able to secure particular types of data within challenging timeframes and still guarantee the operability of the secured platforms.

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