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IT skills and support for a new Software Factory  



The SCAI Group launched an application development service geared towards the core banking domains for a prominent service firm in the banking sector. This was achieved by training a Software Factory, which primarily consisted of analysts and developers hailing from Southern Italy. 

The implemented service is structured and incremental, and facilitates the remote monitoring and management of some application development activities for current and future projects in designated areas on the customer’s end through the SCAI Group Factory.

Two IT areas were mainly involved: 

  • Supervisory Reporting and Financial Statements 
  • Securities

Supervisory Reporting

During the initial phase of onboarding and training, company managers and tutors provided support through remote training sessions. The focus was three-fold and included an analysis of the national and European regulatory framework, the Bank of Italy’s technical notes and decision tables, and the functioning of the software platform used by the customer to generate reports. 

Subsequently, we proceeded to the active participation stage of the reporting processes, which involved providing assistance during the reporting activities outlined in the PUMA procedure (Unified Corporate Matrix Procedure). This process culminated in the generation and submission of regulatory reports to the Bank of Italy by the banking group and group financial intermediaries.

Training was followed by a practical activity phase. The SCAI Group team got stuck in by executing the processes that make up the service levels, producing monthly, quarterly and annual reports. 


During the initial onboarding and training phase, shadowing was encouraged to facilitate the transfer of fundamental knowledge on the subject, in addition to technical and procedural familiarity through hands-on experience. 

The execution phase of the securities transfer processes was subsequently initiated. In more detail the securities transfer feature enables the customer to organise the transfer of financial instruments held in a securities account with one intermediary to a securities account with another intermediary. This procedure involves investing in shares, bonds, and funds, irrespective of whether they are traded on domestic or foreign markets.

The transfer activity entails a sequence of processes in which the designated operators utilise specific applications to transfer securities.

The activities carried out in the two domains enabled the knowledge acquired during the introduction phase to be applied, thereby enhancing the efficiency of processes and offering crucial and prompt assistance to the customer throughout the entire process.

The establishment of the Software Factory has created and continues to generate significant benefits for the company, encompassing both IT systems and business users. The SCAI Group’s external expertise, along with the involvement of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of banking practices and business requirements, shortened the customer’s software development timeline. The partnership between external developers and in-house personnel offered an additional advantage by focusing on the specific context at hand and aligning application output with actual business requirements.

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