Success stories

Automating Digital Anti-Money Laundering Dossiers



Automation and Efficiency

This project involved producing digital dossiers (document collection) for customers analysed by the AML unit, using UiPath RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology.

Ciclicamente, il robot ciclicamente sulla base di un calendario dAccording to a pre-defined schedule and/or after receiving an impromptu user request, the robot makes queries on the company’s internal systems and external databases and stores information in a repository for subsequent legal verification.

Man checking the automation process

Task automation frees users from repetitive tasks

Saving resources and preventing errors

Task automation frees users from performing repetitive tasks of little value to society and prevents errors that occur during manual activities.

The success of SCAI Finance’s project prompted the company to extend its RPA initiative to additional back-office processes in the portfolio and compliance area.

Robotic Process Automation

Process Mining

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