RealGimm for Genoa City Council’s real estate management

RealGimm is a modular and integrable software platform for the management of large real estate portfolios

October 2021: SCAI Tecno was awarded the tender for the provision of services for the implementation of the new information system for the Administrative Management of Genoa City Council’s Real Estate and related ancillary services. With this major order from a metropolitan city, RealGimm has strengthened its capabilities in the area of Property Management as the leading product in the Italian market.

RealGimm, a modular and integrable software platform for the management of large real estate assets, will be provided as the main technical and administrative management tool for all properties, facilities, land and parks belonging to the Genoa Administration. 

Created for the Real Estate sector on both the Property and Facility sides, it is a consolidated and highly scalable product: over the years, the RealGimm system has been innovated at a technological level and enriched with IoT features and integrations to intercept the needs of customers regarding the predictive management of plant and office maintenance. With the contract awarded by Genoa City Council, new Property Management functions will be implemented, specifically designed for the Public Administration sector.

Winning the contract is the result of the experience gained by the product management team over the last decade, from installations in public and private sector contexts with large real estate holdings.

Particularly relevant was the in-depth knowledge of the management processes of a large metropolitan city like Genoa.

The project includes a thorough analysis to identify areas for the development of new functionalities and to prepare the integration of RealGimm with existing systems already in use at the Council (document system, protocol, PagoPA, etc.). RealGimm will facilitate the management of ranking calculations in the allocation of public housing, the management of arrears, and the work of condominium managers.

Initially, RealGimm will be used by City Council employees in the Real Estate Management sector for the management of all properties under lease (active or passive), loan or other forms of management. At a later stage, it can also be used by occupants (such as tenants), according to rules to be defined by the city council. 

Full testing of all functionalities is expected by mid-2023. With this important order from a metropolitan city, RealGimm strengthens its Property Management role as a leading product in the Italian market.