Shared Workspaces as Networking Venues: SCAI Lab Partners With Talent Garden Cosenza

SCAI has created new workspaces at its Cosenza headquarters to foster knowledge contamination and growth opportunities for employees and companies through a partnership with Talent Garden.

The pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we work, forcing companies and employees to grapple with the pros and cons of remote operations. This experience has prompted us all to take stock of our values and priorities and develop new ways of working.

In its efforts to rethink its processes and workspaces, SCAI Lab has placed significant emphasis on social and relational capital. This “intangible” yet crucial capital, which includes internal networks of relationships between employees and external networks between companies, plays a vital role in competitiveness. The system is capable of fostering positive spillovers of innovation, new knowledge, work quality, and perceived well-being. SCAI Lab’s partnership with Talent Garden Cosenza has had a hugely positive impact on its workspaces in Rende (CS).

Talent Garden is Europe’s leading digital education provider and the largest community of tech ecosystem innovators, comprising over 4,500 members who understand the importance of connection and collaboration when generating competitive advantages.

SCAI Lab has collaborated with Talent Garden Cosenza to design participatory activities and improve the aesthetics, functionality, and liveability of its workspaces. This has included creating new spaces, such as a fitness area to promote physical and mental well-being, a reception/relaxation area for intimate meetings over coffee, and a training area for meetups and event planning.

By partnering with TaG and transforming its shared spaces into informal and dynamic environments, SCAI Lab has successfully promoted participation, inclusion, knowledge, and skills-sharing. Its headquarters are no longer a simple office, but a creative space where partnerships and unexpected opportunities arise, for the company and its employees.

Talent Garden Cosenza is always looking for spaces that can make working life and being together fun and exciting. Over the past year, we have collaborated with a partner who shares our vision and proactively enables us to evolve, broaden our network, and facilitate mutual learning and growth. Lucia Moretti, CEO of Talent Garden Cosenza.