A new partnership is born to serve customers in understanding the value of Experience

The two companies are strongly specialised in specific areas: Euteco Loyalty Partner focuses on the analysis of the Experience lived by different types of stakeholders (Customer, Employee, Patient), Scai Partners proposes, among its offerings, the analysis of the processes to reach the excellence.

Strengthened by their skills and experience gained in different sectors, the partnership was created to offer customers a service characterised by:

  • Complementary skills: the skills on the analysis of Experience and on the analysis of business processes are used to fully understand a phenomenon, starting from the measurable effects of Experience but determined by internal levers.
  • Integrated model: a specific modular framework has been defined that covers all aspects of data and criticality analysis, planning, improvement actions, implementation and monitoring to fill the gap detected on the Experience and acting concretely on the business context.
  • End to end solution: the proposed solution covers not only the entire analysis phase on the different aspects (Experience, processes…) but also takes care of the implementation of the proposed actions and any monitoring activities for running phase.

Euteco Loyalty Partner ( has acquired its experience in Customer, Employee and Patient Experience, working for over 10 years with companies that have understood the importance of Experience Management, including: Gruppo24Ore, Suzuki, Intesa SanPaolo, Verti, Linear, QuattroRuote Professional, CDC Gruppo Affidea. Euteco Loyalty Partner has ‘Net Promoter Certified Associate’ resources.

SCAI Partners offers Management Consulting services supporting clients in facing the most current and future challenges and is a company of SCAI Group. Founded in Turin in 1973, SCAI Group is a network of companies operating in the world of ICT, technological innovation and System Integration, with offices throughout Italy and international projects.

Its development, with revenues that today exceed 100 million Euros, has been characterised by important growth cycles both in terms of organic growth, over 1400 employees, and new acquisitions, thanks to a strong acceleration and an equally strong push towards digital innovation and experience design.

SCAI Group is distinguished by a wide diversification of clients (Finance, Public Administration, Manufacturing, Media and other Services) thanks to its highly specialised centers of competence which are able to accompany clients along the path of digital transformation.SCAI Group works in a network with important Innovation Poles and Trade Associations in the Italian context and in the markets it presides over, with a view to cultivating fertile ground for technological evolution in the territories in which it operates. The quality of the partnerships is a fundamental requirement to operate with competence, flexibility and effectiveness in our sectors of activity.

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