The PROCS Suite is Officially AGID-Qualified

PROCS – the SCAI Group’s platform for digitising, automating, and monitoring processes – joins AGID’s Cloud Marketplace, the SaaS catalogue for the public sector.

AgID’s Cloud Marketplace is a portal that displays services and infrastructures that are AgID qualified according to AgID Memoranda 2 and 3 of 9 April 2018. PROCS has successfully completed the qualification process and has been added to the AGID Marketplace as a SaaS available to the public sector. This is an important milestone for the SCAI Group, which has invested in the product for the past three years.

Conceived, designed, and implemented by SCAI Tecno, the PROCS platform is an integrated LCAP (Low Code Application Platform) suite that supports the implementation and governance of a corporate or pubic entity’s activities. It enables the orchestration of activities and the agile digitisation, automation, and monitoring of processes to foster technological and organisational transformation, improve the user experience, and provide high-quality services in a timely manner. Thanks to this new solution, which places processes at the heart of development, PROCS can reduce the amount of time employed by an average of 50%

PROCS can be integrated with Italy’s Public Digital Identity System (SPID) and payments platform (PagoPA) to facilitate the implementation of services.

Its benefits meet the public sector’s current needs, which is grappling with increasing demands from citizens and businesses, complex service deliveries, and the requirement to comply with NRRP guidelines.

Successful applications of PROCS in the public sector include a digital platform for managing payment applications in the Campania Region as part of the Youth Guarantee programme, and the P.UN.T.A.C.CAPO initiative, which provides a job demand-supply matching service to combat the phenomenon of ‘caporalato’ (Italy’s gangmaster/forced labour system). 

With AGID certification, we can support PROCS’s continuous evolution towards increasingly well-developed technologies, including AI and the introduction of virtual assistants or chatbots,” explains PROCS Product Manager Giancarlo Terrana. “The beneficiaries of this initiative include all public sector stakeholders, i.e., citizens, businesses, freelancers, and especially contact centre services”.

PROCS is available as a SaaS on the Telecom SPC Cloud platform, Azure, AWS, and Google.