Success stories

PROCS supporting P.UN.T.A.C.CAPO.



The Italian initiative “P.UN.T.A.C.CAPO. (Percorsi UNitari Territoriali Attivi per il Contrasto al CAPOralato per il Centro Nord)” can be translated as START A NEW LINE (Active territorially uniform ways to contrast illegal hiring in central-north Italy). It instigates actions to prevent and combat cases of illegal agricultural-worker hiring in central-north Italy.

Six regions are involved in the initiative: Lazio, Lombardy, Umbria, Veneto, Marche and Tuscany. Overall, they foresee a base target of 1,000 non-EU nationals who are victims or potential victims of labour exploitation.

Many planned activities range from seminars dealing with citizenship, civic education, workplace safety and health to housing integration solutions and programmes. There are also courses to increase civic-linguistic skills, road safety instruction and the issue of vouchers and housing contributions, with activation of territorial support networks. The PROCS platform supports the initiative by providing a service matching agricultural work demand with supply to combat the illegal hiring problem.

The operative arm comprises a digital infrastructure supporting agricultural worker information, training and recruitment practices. Peaks in demand from employers receive a quick and concrete response, with a flexible service satisfying immediate workforce needs.

The digital infrastructure on the PROCS platform permits companies to submit job offers (with necessary professional profiles) using a simplified App on an Android or iOS smartphone. It facilitates the consultation and involvement of all parties and matches supply and demand so that suitable workers may be called directly by local agricultural firms.

Workers can use the App to access civic-linguistic training possibilities and consult job offers. They can also automatically receive periodic updates, take up offers matching their profile and register for pre-selection availability. Given the multi-national user base, PROCS is designed for multilingual use, also with writing from right to left.

The “Puntaccapo” experience further confirms how effective the PROCS platform is. It easily adapts to typical new generation collaboration platform requirements, facilitating implementation and use through digital channels.


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