Excel at the Pillars of Hercules


We love Excel and are familiar with its potential, but do we also know its limitations?

We are all well aware of the power and capabilities of Excel.
We often find ourselves launching calculations automatically, waiting until the next morning for a result for sheets that are too large to obtain the data in real time. But sometimes this fails and, in these cases, extra time and resources have to be invested in starting the job all over again. When this happens, we come to the conclusion that we have reached ‘the limit’ of Excel and probably exceeded it.

Can I version and analyse the data process?

Can I apply my formulas and the power of the VLOOKUP function? Can I link external sources and connect them together? Can I exceed one million rows? Can I make pivot tables and do machine learning? Should I keep it simple?

All these questions have been answered by Alteryx. It also adds the ability to do geo-spatial analyses, apply pre-packaged ML models, work directly on databases through In-DB processes and re-enter values, feed external BI products or applications and interface RPA products, text and sentiment analysis.

By using Alteryx, we have seen, in short, a significant improvement in the speed of development, in the functions offered, which open up new horizons and new computing power.

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