The interactive exhibition ‘A World of Potential’ opens its doors in the Procuratie Vecchie in Venice

The exhibition offers an immersive experience in which each of us can understand and connect with their own personal ‘potential’, exploring the strengths of our personality and, simultaneously, the best qualities in the people around us. 

To mark the 190th anniversary of the founding of Generali, A World of Potential opens, an interactive exhibition hosted on the third floor of the Procuratie Vecchie, the buildings that wrap around three sides of St. Mark’s Square in Venice. The multimedia and immersive exhibits (hardware supply and installation and exhibit software development) are by ETT Creative Industries.

This is the first time in 500 years that a large part of the Procuratie Vecchie has been made accessible to the public. The Procuratie restoration project was commissioned by Generali to David Chipperfield Architects Milan in 2017.

The restoration project succeeded in recovering original Venetian materials and traditional workmanship by involving specialised companies and local craftsmen. The Generali-owned Procuratie Vecchie complex comprises approximately 12,400 square metres of total gross floor area, occupying approximately 85% of the portion of the building that closes the northern side of St. Mark’s Square. 580 square metres are dedicated to the exhibition.

The spaces are conceived to foster the interaction and sharing of contents with people through multimedia systems designed and implemented by ETT. The transversal axis and common denominator of these factors is the concept that all the participants can access the challenge of acquiring self-awareness in terms of perseverance, creativity, hope, leadership, gratitude and team spirit, in order to set themselves in motion in their relationship with life, culture and art.

The visitor is engaged to become a ‘hub’ of The Human Safety Net (THSN), Generali’s network with the mission to unleash the potential of people living in vulnerable conditions so that they can improve the lives of their families and communities. It is precisely at this level that THSN in Venice has worked on the themes of social inclusion and human potential, the concepts underlying the entire exhibition.

The Procuratie’s tour routes are designed to be approached at the ‘pace’ preferred by the individual visitor, so much so that there are spaces for stops, where they can eat, chat or in any case linger. At the entrance, the visitor is handed a multi-purpose ticket, a real Travel Card, equipped with NFC (contactless) sensors that communicate with all sections of ‘A World of Potential’. One after the other, 16 interactive machines à montrer allow visitors to put themselves to the test, touch, move, and experiment. Invisible technology accompanies and involves them, giving substance to the intangible themes of social inclusion and human potential.

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