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The “Vicinato a Pozzo” Immersive Exhibition

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Bringing the Sassi di Matera to Life

ETT S.p.A has created an immersive exhibition for the Parco della Storia dell’Uomo in the form of an evocative journey through the forgotten aspects of life in Sassi di Matera.

Seven different settings in Vicinato a Pozzo (a historical settlement in Matera) are brought to life through interesting facts, documents, words and emotions broadcast on multimedia installations and outdoor screens.

The story is presented as a dialogue between two opposing parties, who unite to narrate the contradictions, values and millennial persistence of this timeless district. The contrast between indoors and outdoors, between information and interaction, and between day and night provides visitors with an intimate snapshot of daily life in the settlement and how changed over time.

The journey through the Sassi begins at a documentary station where visitors can learn more about the history of Vicinato and peasant life using a slider monitor and an interactive map of the park.
IThe tour continues with a touch screen table. Visitors can learn more about the village by placing objects and stamps relating to the art of bread making (a symbol of peasant life) on the interactive table.

The installation includes immersive projections that combine rare film content and graphic design with performances by members of the Matera Museum-Workshop.



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