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A Successful Transformation with Storage on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure



SCAI ITEC, a SCAI Group company, played a crucial role in the successful transformation of an internationally renowned insurance company. The project involved decommissioning the on-premises administrator database infrastructure and migrating to a robust cloud solution, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

The customer’s primary objective was to efficiently manage a substantial amount of data, ensuring practicality, preventing downtime, and minimising losses to comply with GDPR requirements and extended data retention requests. To achieve greater scalability and meet challenging timescales, the decision was made to adopt a more complex infrastructure capable of responding to heavy schedules. The choice therefore fell on OCI in MAA (Maximum Availability Architecture) mode.

The SCAI Group, a certified Oracle Cloud Partner, was able to ensure a smooth transition by maximising the benefits of the Oracle solution. 

Key among these was maximising the scalability of storage resources, necessary for ten-year data retention, and Data Warehouse CPUs , essential to respond to fluctuating workloads.

The project primarily focused on exploring a Cloud infrastructure storage solution and subsequently decommissioning the On-Premise infrastructure of the Big Data Appliance (BDA). Subsequently, the analysis focused on using OCI Object Storage for flat files and exploring loading automations into the Autonomous Data Warehouse.

The Cloud Database Administrator team played a pivotal role in the entire development process, contributing both technologically and managerially.

The SCAI Group’s service encompassed analysing project specifications, designing the infrastructure for a high degree of environment segregation, implementing data security (Customer Encryption Key), and automating operations in line with project policies. All OnPrem components were implemented, followed by the Cloud components, and the performance and load of the Autonomous Database Warehouse were thoroughly analysed. 

Resource scaling and automations were adjusted, with excess resources deactivated to optimise the project budget.

Opting for the Oracle solution not only allowed the customer to reduce operating costs associated with the purchase, configuration, and hardware and software maintenance associated with on-premises BDA infrastructure management but also provided security and reliability features, including data encryption by design (Network Encryption and TDE Encryption). 

The current Oracle Cloud services deliver enhanced security for the customer while emphasising cost reduction through more efficient resource management.

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