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A cutting-edge and sophisticated supply chain management system for the agri-food sector that incorporates process orchestration, IoT devices, and blockchain technology.  

Customers operating in supply chains generally need to cooperate well, exchange data practically in real time, and be certain that mutual agreements are respected. The reason for this is that every participant in the supply chain has their own business interests, even though partnerships are focused on achieving a shared objective, such as to provide high-quality semi-finished products to Italian consumers.

Traditional systems do not offer the same guarantees in terms of security, compliance with agreements, and non-repudiation that blockchain solutions offer, where cryptography plays a star role. The use of blockchain technology allows products to be traced, ensuring that the end buyer receives an authentic record. This is possible because each party involved in the supply chain – be it the producer, transporter, or processor – contributes to recording this information in a ledger that cannot be altered, which includes their identifiable information.

The SCAI Group has played a major role in researching and developing innovative applications of blockchain technology in the B2B sphere. As a result, it has created an advanced and innovative supply chain management system for the agri-food sector, which incorporates process orchestration, IoT devices, and blockchain technology.  

The use of enabling technology for process orchestration enables managers in this field to maintain and modify business processes in response to business and market changes. This allows them to adapt to fluctuations in demand and address any critical issues effectively. In this context, the use of blockchain technology enhances individual processes by ensuring that parties adhere to agreements, providing irrefutable traceability of products along the supply chain, and certifying specific critical data collected during significant stages of processes. 

The solution that has been developed is a compelling response to many typical supply chain challenges of this nature. Furthermore, it has a positive impact on critical areas such as food waste reduction, energy conservation, and improved product quality. 

Fast and direct access to data, the secure consultation of certified information, and assurance that every process adheres to established agreements between parties results in a more efficient, effective, and high-performing supply chain. All of which has clear positive impacts on costs and overall profitability as well.

When testing developed solutions, multiple companies in the region – Italian producers who proudly represent the Made in Italy brand by engaging in the production and distribution of high-quality perishable goods (frequently of protected origin) – provided a considerable amount of feedback. These sorts of activities require significant certification and quality control efforts, tasks that the system we have created can undoubtedly simplify.

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