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Tempio del Brunello

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An immersive and emotional journey to discover one of the most famous red wines of the world.

The Tempio del Brunello aims to introduce visitors to Montalcino in an articulate and profound manner through a complete experience that tells the story of Brunello over the centuries in order to make the most of it. The multimedia itinerary characterises the interiors of the complex and introduces, with suggestions and memories, the aspects that have made Brunello one of Italy’s leading products: the link with the territory, man’s commitment and care, production processes, stories and colours. Brunello is told to visitors in an immersive and interactive experience: combining history and innovation, the journey culminates in an encounter with the wine that has made Montalcino famous throughout the world from the end of the 19th century to the present day.

tempio del brunello

InChiostro, the first covered cloister of the former convent, is the starting point for the various experiential routes. Involo, in particular, is a series of special exhibits located in various Virtual Reality video stations that narrate the Montalcino territory at 360° through evocative shots and drone flights, among hills, castles and art.

In the underground rooms that are accessed next, the hypogea, the sounds of a cellar that evoke the work of bottling welcome visitors, activating themselves as they pass thanks to special sensors. From here, we continue to the ancient stables of the Augustinian convent, where a series of artwalls consisting of wall and floor monitors tell the story of the territory in its various forms related to wine production. Then follows the room dedicated to the Voices of Brunello, which through interviews and original footage, rare archive materials and computer graphics, recounts this unique product in the words of the personalities who have lived its history.

The route through the hypogeum also allows visitors to virtually play with the colours of the wine and the land and create their own personal work, and to discover the union of wine and Sienese art, thanks to the techniques of projection mapping and sound design. At the end of the journey of knowledge of Brunello, at the Enoteca it will be possible to share the experience by tasting a glass of wine in a convivial dimension, in a space dedicated to oenology where technological tools lead the visitor to choose the ‘Brunello that is right for you’.

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