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Accidents often occur during practice drills on the use of life-saving equipment. As a consequence, these types of training sessions required a significant overhaul to keep risks to employee safety to a minimum.

In light of the above, and due to the need to find a way to operate safely in extreme pseudo-urban conditions, ETT has created STEP (the Smart Education Platform). This technological platform delivers innovative educational content as part of a comprehensive package of indoor training courses within a Blue Economy environment.

The STEP project integrates two interactive modes: virtual reality (game VR) and augmented reality (AR). Thanks to the former, students can be placed in virtual settings to learn how to perform a series of tasks using LSAs (Life Saving Appliances). The virtual environment is supervised by Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, which generate performance and progress scores and assist tutors with learner assessments.

Meanwhile, the AR module allows users to visualise 3D models and animated versions of objects used in real-life drills (hooks and lifeboats) and to interact with them.

Both modules rely on gamification, i.e., the systemic implementation of a gaming environment to make the learning of concepts that are less appealing when taught using traditional methods more engaging for users.

The platform also offers training packages across different professional sectors through STEP’s marketplace.

The project’s success saw ETT team up with Aitek and BCService. The former handles the real-time dynamic management of training environments and user assessments using Artificial Intelligence and deep-learning approaches. Meanwhile, BCService tests and analyses pilot cases, specifically focusing on marine safety applications.

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