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SAP Fiori for the creation of customised apps


HR Management

The customer, a world leader in robotics andautomation, approached Gruppo SCAI with the objective of creating highly customised apps for human resources management, and in particular for the approval of employee requests and roles.

SCAI Group, through its company SCAI Fast, which specialises in SAP solutions, chose SAP Fiori as the ideal technology to meet the customer’s needs, with an important mobile and user-friendly footprint.

The first app developed, Employee Request Approval (Tmess), was created to complement the existing web app for approving staff requests (leave, absence, travel, etc.) – accessible only from the desktop via the company network. The aim was to provide a version that can be used on any device, fixed or mobile, improving efficiency and productivity without compromising security.

From an operational point of view, a strategic decision was made to ensure a product with reusability features on the back end. The ability to reuse functions already in use allows the development team to ensure that any future interventions are automatically reflected in both the desktop and mobile versions of the app. On the front end, on the other hand, the graphic layout was realised in self-adapting mode, ensuring an optimal content viewing experience regardless of the horizontal or vertical position of the device.

Users approving requests can access the application from any browser via multi-factor authentication to the corporate network, using existing credentials.

The development of this app enabled the client and its team to manage the HR department’s monthly workload in a more agile way, significantly reducing the number of requests pending approval.

The second application developed by SCAI Fast, on the other hand, met the need to replace the obsolete role approval functionality (UAM6).The use of SAP Fiori was fundamental in allowing a wider range of users, not yet on the HR system, to access the customer portal.

With a more modern interface and optimised usability, the app simplified the automatic generation of user profiles not yet present in the system. The development of the two apps enabled the client to significantly improve the employee experience, reducing the effort required to use the company’s tools and improving overall usability.

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