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We race with the Future: this is the motto of ETT, a SCAI Group company for The Ocean Race. During all the stages of the event ETT celebrated Liguria and Genoa thanks to its travelling immersive room, which concluded its world tour precisely in Genoa during the Grand Finale.

The immersive room created by ETT for The Ocean Race’s Genoa Pavilion allowed visitors to experience the adrenaline rush of the world’s toughest regatta and transported them directly to iconic areas of the city and Liguria.


From 27 to 30 June, during the last leg of The Ocean Race – The Grand Finale in Genoa, ETT also organised an entire schedule of talks, workshops, and moments dedicated to the themes of Smart & Sustainable City, Blue Economy, and Citizen Science, with some of the most authoritative voices in the field of sustainability in Europe: Ocean Data Week.

Since the 2017-2018 edition, The Ocean Race has implemented a scientific programme to collect data during the race, recognising its importance as a valuable tool for observing and studying climate change from a predictive perspective.

ETT plays an important role in this activity by actively participating in European programmes for the collection, management and processing of data collected through in situ and remote sensing technologies. Among these, Nautilos, EMODnet and EuroSea had an important focus during this edition.

At the Ocean Live Park in Genoa, ETT also set up the Banca Passadore & C. stand, taking care of the graphics and animation. By turning the winches placed in the three interactive stations, the digital sails on the frontal ledwall unfold, in a challenge on the water that has one watchword: teamwork.

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