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Neffie, developed by IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele and Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, comprises a technological platform that reimagines the emotional and cognitive responses of the viewer when confronted with a selected image. This is achieved through the use of specific biosensors and an artificial intelligence algorithm, transforming the experience into a collaborative work of art. 

ETT has crafted a virtual exhibition space for Neffie’s digital works, enabling users to engage in real-time interaction through their avatars. This creates a unique collective space for discussion, allowing users to interact with each other without the constraints of physical presence.

The virtual environment, specifically designed by ETT on the platform, facilitates the immersive use of Neffie’s digital works. Users, represented by avatars, can freely navigate between the works and communicate with each other in real time—up to 50 users can participate simultaneously. Interaction is made possible through a microphone and webcam. 

Accessible via links from desktops, iOS or Android smartphones, or Virtual Reality viewers, the new Metaverse is conceived as a “real-time” experiential laboratory. It breathes life into renewed immersive, interactive, and inclusive creative horizons, presenting itself as a novel way to access the art world in the 21st century. It generates an increasingly widespread and shared awareness of our neuroaesthetic experiences, contributing to the holistic well-being of individuals, encompassing physical, emotional, and relational dimensions. 

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