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As explosive as it is enthralling. SCAI Tecno makes its debut in the Industry 4.0 world with an ambitious and valuable industrial IoT project.

Together with the SCM Group (a leading international manufacturer of machinery and plants for processing wood and other industrial materials), SCAI has built a software architecture that connects individual physical machines via an intelligent system, using an IoT Gateway where necessary. This new architecture enables the management of historical data and data flows in real-time.

Ensuring better quality control and post-sales services

Project development spanned several phases. A model format was agreed upon, protocols were chosen and OPC-UA was identified as the standard for modelling connected machines. An OPC-UA server was subsequently set up on a machine simulator to manage the flow of data from machines to the cloud. Said compliance is translated into a service through the development of web/mobile apps that can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

This project resulted in substantial benefits for SCM’s core business. Better quality control and post-sales services are now guaranteed on individual machines as well as across the entire product line. The production chain is optimised and fully customised for SCM’s end customers (i.e., machine users).

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