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Leveraging the metaverse for company onboarding


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As part of the Multimedia Experience competence centre within the SCAI Group, SCAI ITEC has successfully developed a proprietary platform focused on enhancing the user experience within a private, interoperable, persistent, open, and immersive metaverse.

This innovative solution complements the array of immersive technologies solutions delivered by the SCAI Group’s competence centre.

The initial implementation of this platform, in collaboration with a large and rapidly expanding service company known for its emphasis on process innovation, has revolutionised the onboarding process for new hires. By leveraging virtual reality (VR) technologies, HR professionals can now conduct onboarding procedures remotely, offering new recruits an immersive experience when they join the company.

Currently, the corporate metaverse platform allows users to meet other avatars in a faithful digital reconstruction of the company’s headquarters. Within this virtual office space, avatars can interact with one another and even engage in casual activities like sharing a virtual coffee.

Dedicated 3D environments can be tailored to present the company, its history, key individuals, and products in an engaging manner, incorporating elements of engagement and gamification.

The solution’s back-end cloud component enables the collection of user-generated data and the seamless sharing of documents, presentations, and other media files.

Moreover, this solution is compatible with the latest All in One VR devices, as well as Windows 10/11 desktop configurations and multicloud servers.

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