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The management of Poste Italiane national property assets



RealGimm, a solution developed to manage a high number of property assets, has been in operation for Poste Italiane since 2008.

About 17,000 properties are currently registered on the system, of which 8,000 are local branches distributed throughout the country. More than 4.5 million square meters are managed, comprising more than 300,000 technical systems and 600 building-plant maintenance companies and/or other services that use the system.

Developments over time

RealGimm has handled a significant increase in interventions in recent years, with several million maintenance work tickets and over 600 million in expenditure during the last decade for maintenance management and Poste Italiane building compliance.

Technological evolution

Mobile device interfaces, developed and improved to enable suppliers and internal staff (Building Managers) to manage maintenance tickets and documentation, are available on a RealGimm integrated APP.

Module improvement and integration with other business processes

Integration with Business Process Management (BPM) and accounting (SAP) has been developed and improved, covering all maintenance work processes (from the purchasing request to accounting).

Supplier performance control

Calculation and application of KPIs, SLAs, bonus/penalty and qualitative evaluation by filling in Customer Satisfaction forms.

Strong points

RealGimm fully manages all Facility Management activities so that the client may monitor the status of his countrywide property assets and outsourced maintenance service levels.

The data of each maintenance call are always up-to-date, permitting strategic decisions to be taken using user-friendly screens displaying a complete picture of the situation. RealGimm, with the combined cooperation of Technical Management, Building Managers and supplier contact centres, interacting either from a fixed location or a PDA and/or smartphone, significantly reduces maintenance intervention times and improves overall service. It also gives useful data to the Real Estate Management of Poste Italiane, as well as the tools for deciding medium and long-term strategic action.

Even though RealGimm handles hundreds of thousands of data for tens of thousands of users in all the 8,000 Post Offices, as well as Data Centres and CMPs throughout the country, its performance remains high. Process workflows remain linear and consistent, with positive feedback from various operatives.

La diffusione di poste italiane in Italia

RealGimm has advanced search functions, supporting printouts (which may be sent directly to the user’s email) and email alert and replication systems with acoustic signals and messages. It also has a data archiving function giving high transaction performance (Archive and Purge).

Possible future developments – assessing customer proposals and requirements

• Introduction of plant component QR Code identification to allow immediate consultation of plant characteristics on mobile systems
• Supply of the RealGimm-Energy Management module, with data entry and consumption evaluation of property assets
• Supply of the RealGimm-Space and RealGimm-BIM module for management of building surfaces and/or volumes to improve cost distribution according to customisable drivers
• Supply of RealGimm-Property for complete management processes relating to active-passive rental contracts
• Massive integration of scheduled maintenance management for all plants by improving current technical-maintenance management
• Introduction of new levels of scheduled and breakdown maintenance, with the interaction of new RealGimm players and expanding the range of suppliers


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