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Enhancing Software House Productivity through Technological Infrastructure Upgrades




To respond the demands of a software house, which primarily caters to a vast clientele of Public and European Bodies, SCAI Tecno, a subsidiary of the SCAI Group, overhauled its internal production infrastructure technology

In addition to managing internal documentation and systems, the client extends its services to its own customers. The need to manage a RACK cabinet located within a cutting-edge European data centre prompted a phased modernisation and optimisation process divided into several phases. The objective was to expand and consolidate the existing infrastructure, comprising server storage and network equipment approaching the end of their life cycle and/or support. Following the analysis, a proposal was defined to create a new infrastructure comprising server storage and network equipment, appropriately sized to cater to the estimated computational requirements for the next five years.

The initial phase, focused on assessment and planning, involved precise measurements using specialised tools to create a computational and performance report, offering insights into the actual workload handled by the infrastructure and estimating the required computational power

The second phase involved aligning customer wishes with estimated needs. This was a key moment of confrontation that enabled those involved to strike the right balance between historical operations, future needs, and the perception of one’s own growth factor. Building upon a well-established professional partnership with the client, conversations initiated with a thorough “snapshot” of the past, involving in-depth research and the collection of performance data based on the IT Manager’s comprehensive perspective. 

Once the investigation was complete, SCAI Tecno not only responded the customer’s needs but proactively analysed various technological aspects to maximise the investment’s value. In this context, assessing the customer was valuable to formulate an optimised proposal, considering technologies, solutions, or alternatives beyond the initial assumptions. This approach sought to optimise the overall project and create value with a direct impact on productivity

The second phase concluded with a presentation to the customer of a proposed infrastructure with a size based on the intersection of measurement data and desired outcomes. The goal was to ensure sufficient computing capacity for the estimated needs over the next five years. 

Three options were presented, each with a unique solution, emphasising technical features, distinctive elements, strengths, possible weaknesses, and a macroeconomic forecast for comparative evaluation of the solutions.

Once the customer had selected a solution, the practical implementation phase, i.e., the delivery stage, commenced. This involved recruiting technical resources for the project, coordinating schedules between technicians and the customer, overseeing the process, outlining technical tasks, and assisting testing personnel.

The key factor that makes us partners, as opposed to mere suppliers, is our ability to steer customers towards their genuine needs, without forcing it, states Fabio Terzini, Technical Account Manager at SCAI Tecno. Having identified the focal points, cornerstones, and any gaps in the customer’s initial idea, we adopt a broad and detached approach based on mutual trust, which allows the customer to overcome a vision that is often “suffocated” by a long list of daily tasks. By adopting this approach, we can guide them towards successful projects. We then simplify their workloads based on real processes, and enable often undersized IT departments to focus exclusively on more meaningful tasks for their business through automation and digital innovation. 

SCAI provides consultancy support to the IT staff tasked with managing infrastructure, ensuring business continuity and allowing the customer and its employees to concentrate on further developing IT infrastructure.

The process of expanding and optimising infrastructure resulted in several benefits for the customer. As expected, it generated a significant increase in the computational and performance capabilities of the infrastructure. In addition, all activities benefited in terms of costs due to a significant reduction in operational timelines. The customer, which now runs the implemented machines independently, has acquired the capacity to almost double its workload within the next five years. 

Through its consultancy services, SCAI Tecno was able to provide valuable insights into the tools useful for growing the company’s business. The customer is thus able to decide which state-of-the-art technologies and tools to adopt to render workflows leaner and more efficient.  The overall enhancement in customer productivity stems from knowledge shared by the various innovation and competence centres within the SCAI Group, fostering synergy between technologies, solutions, tools, and diverse skills crucial in a digital-first economy.

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