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Fare luce – Shine the Light


Shine the Light is an innovative multimedia installation created for the National Theatre of Genoa. It invites viewers to cultivate a shared and participatory memory.

Spectators are invited to enter a huge white cube, set up on the stage of the Teatro Ivo Chiesa, where they can start a journey on their smartphone. By framing the markers, the app developed by ETT unlocks lists, dates, numbers, chronicles and sentences. It is an unparalleled summary of what happened during those days; a story in ten stages that each spectator can compile and take away on their device. The final stage, in augmented reality, compares the front pages of Italian and foreign newspapers of the period.

Going against the national malpractice of removing traumatic facts, anyone can see pictures and videos and reconstruct the events of those four days without interference of any kind.

Davide Livermore, director of the National Theatre of Genoa

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