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Digital Sustainable Harbour 2030




The DSH2030 project seeks to monitor, manage, and develop sustainable port areas using a digital twin.

A pilot study is currently underway in Genoa’s Porto Antico. It is already experimenting heavily with IoT technologies linked to water and energy consumption control systems and the use of sensors and smart meters.

Access to a wide range of data from harbours greatly facilitates the optimisation of management processes.

As part of the pilot project, data are collected across three areas to build dedicated datasets for reporting dashboard information, generating descriptive maps that show flows through critical areas, and using an environmental monitoring system for commercial and safety purposes.

DSH2030 is a model that can be replicated and extended to various tourist areas of the city. By investigating the needs of users and the general public, we can create and implement a dedicated model to increase the area’s attractiveness through the coherent and skilful management of spaces.

The digital twin will allow us to monitor and optimise processes relating to:
• Environmental monitoring
• Resource monitoring and optimisation (water, energy, etc.)
• Monitoring and simulating the flow of people and vehicles (land and sea) for security and commercial purposes (e.g. to suggest where and when to launch a new product)
• Monitoring system quality.

Using a digital twin will also allow us to interpret how buildings and spaces on the waterfront or in a relevant area are used, the relationships between indoor and outdoor spaces, the level of accessibility and connections to the city system, and how they can be improved.

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