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Marvel at Leonardo’s masterpiece in Milan

Cenacolo Vinciano” app is a new official guide to The Last Supper, produced by ETT S.p.A. and presented by Lombardy’s Regional Museum Hub. The app is a unique tool for accessing original content on the history, restoration and conservation of Leonardo’s masterpiece, wherever you are in the world.

The new app teleports users to the museum, taking them on an exclusive guided tour that reveals the secrets of The Last Supper via a historical voice-over and innovative AR experiences. The “Cenacolo Vinciano” tour is automatically unlocked when visitors enter the museum or the ticket office after purchasing a ticket and switching on Bluetooth.

Cenacolo Vinciano

Multimedia design using AR is the perfect way to create an entertaining experience around a work of art. An additional narrative layer anchors The Last Supper, revealing invisible mechanisms and bringing the attention of visitors to details without them having to break eye contact. The visitor relationship is kept alive, intimate and exciting and the AR is clear and crisp whenever visitors move around the room.

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This new app is accessible to everyone. Eight languages, inclusive and fully accessible visitor routes paired with audio and text guides, interactive games for children, and extraordinary AR experiences bring Leonardo’s paintings and fresco to life.

And the above content is fully accessible, free of charge, thanks to the open-content culture supported by the Museum Hub. The content of the Last Supper tour is unlocked inside the museum using beacons (low-frequency Bluetooth repeaters) so that visitors can enjoy content as they make their way through the exhibition.



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