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Companies are experimenting and adopting blockchain technology at a growing pace. Major global players have started to recognise that the potential of this technology, often linked to cryptocurrencies, extends beyond the financial sector.

For instance, the SCAI Group has developed a creative, serverless, and mobile Loyalty Programme Management system for a leading multinational oil and gas company.

The architecture design actually replaces the traditional server-side application features with an Ethereum blockchain, which is one of the most intriguing and widely recognised networks in the crypto industry. The new model establishes a direct connection between the blockchain and the Point of Sale (POS), just like smartphones. As a result, communication between the company and its customers is highly streamlined, facilitated by the use of QR codes and NFC technology.

The key difference from more traditional programmes is that the customer plays a central role in managing their identity and points/goods. Adopting this innovative solution not only considerably reduces costs for brands but also ensures the proper functioning and security of schemes while eliminating the risk of counterfeiting and interference.

The inherent characteristics and underlying technology of this new infrastructure provide a vast array of possibilities. These include exchanging accumulated points based on specific conditions, converting them into points from other partner schemes, collaborating with other companies and programmes, requesting rewards independently, creating tiered programmes, assigning varying points to different goods sold, and managing third-party promoters.

In short, the evolution of loyalty schemes proposed by the SCAI Group transforms points accumulated by customers into real digital assets, using blockchain technology to guarantee transaction security and immutability.

This innovative approach is designed to efficiently manage the lifecycle of loyalty schemes, offering a solution that creates new business opportunities while ensuring measurable increases in customer satisfaction. With its focus on simplifying and securing loyalty programmes, this strategy promises to make loyalty more enjoyable for customers.

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