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AUGuSTUS – AUgmented Game for Sicilian ToUrism marketing Solutions

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The AUGuSTUS project was set up within the framework of the SICILY 2014-2020 ERDF ROP, which envisages the realisation of projects carried out in partnership between enterprises and research bodies and structures, for the development of prototypes and demonstrators. It applies enabling technologies at industrial level under Action 1.1.5 ‘Support for the technological advancement of enterprises through the funding of pilot lines and early product validation and large-scale demonstration actions’.

Specifically, the project stems from the dialogue and work of several partners (ETT, a SCAI Group company, which handled the development of the App and the augmented and virtual reality components, Ad Mediriem, CNR ISPC, Red Raion, University of Palermo), united by the desire to enhance our precious territory and its inestimable historical and cultural value.

AUGuSTUS is a serious game that proposes a new business model and a change in the perception of cultural tourism experiences and takes the form of a video game (PC) for off-site fruition and a mobile app for on-site fruition which share the same ranking system.

The main objectives of the project are
● to enhance the Sicilian territory and cultural heritage
● to generate a new way of enjoying cultural heritage with innovative and appealing technologies
● to implement a new and dynamic logic that sees the tourist
involved in all pre-visit, visit and post-visit stages

The intention is to provide visitors with a novel experiential dimension, capable of making them perceive the enormous value of Sicily’s past in an entertaining, captivating and dynamic perspective. Four settings are planned: Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Archaeological Park of the Villa Romana del Casale and Morgantina, Archaeological Park of Naxos, Monumental Complex of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria.

The realistic settings, the dynamism of the 3D experience, and the emotional engagement of the game allow players to delve into the history of Sicily and learn about its precious cultural heritage.

The Augustus game fulfils two functions at the same time, as provider of information and entertainment, which combine to make the gaming experience unique.


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